Sunday, May 07, 2006

2006? A year of Sad Losses.

RIP Grant McLennan.
To me, the Go-Betweens songs were always suffused with a sense of loss: of longing: of times gone by: of times that are just gone.
"But then the lightning finds us, Burns away our kindness, We can’t find a place to hide. Come the rainy season, Surrender to our treasons, Can we even find our tears? Don’t know where I’m going,Don’t know where it’s flowing, But I know it’s finding you."
("Finding You")

Apart from that, it's been a great weekend: lots of cooking (Gazpacho, Cabbage and Sausage soup, Mango Salsa....not all of these at once, obv.) and some serious relaxation. But I know there'll be some Go-Betweens on the pod when i'm on the 10.49 tomorrow morning. There's been so much loss this year....Martin Gilks, Nikki Sudden....people who were my friends, people who enriched my life, who brightened my thoughts and inspired me. If I do anything this year, it's to try and keep that inspiration alive, even though they're no longer here to do it for me.
On a musical note, today has been filled with "Secondhand Daylight". A constant in my life, returning to give me succour and hope.

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tracy said...

Soup soup a tasty soup soup, a spicy carrot and coriander, Chilli Chowder!

See what you started, I can't hear/read/think of the word soup without the Boosh invading my thoughts.
That does sound like a tasty soup though.