Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Ivor Cutler, apparently. 'Tis a sad day.
And a wet one, actually. Maybe spring is on the way, finally.
So, how was your weekend? Mine was hectic, but fun. Fitted a nice big stereo into the new pickup and spent ALL of Sunday cooking :)
Did some boot sale "digging in the crates" on Sunday as well, picked up "Definition of a Track" on New York Underground for 50p, which is a bargain...a copy of "Salsa House" as well....
And today is all about updating itunes...in go The Lover Speaks, The Wonderstuff, Thomas Dolby and Iko.
I'm off to see Delays tonight at SBE, can't wait :)


Mr Bogus said...

cool truck!! :-)

you NEED to get the 2nd theme down blastin' out of your new stereo:


Nick said...

....and Ray Barretto too in the same week.

iain said...

Yeah, I saw that :(
*el watusi on IJ*