Friday, March 17, 2006

Bloody hell, it's now SNOWING :(

Listening to Wim this morning, always a good idea when the weather is that crisp and cold: "No Plans No Projects" from "Educes Me", which is one of the most cathartic records I own-listening to it at high volume feels like you're being purged of your sins.
Also have spent a couple of days plugged in to "Krisp Biscuit" by The Rufige Kru. It's a real cut-up tune, bit's of everything thrown into the mix, including the riff from "Club Class" by Newton, which was the forgotten release from the Rhythm Section's label (maybe more about that another day) Anyway, it's got a chunk of "The Finest" by the SOS Band in there, no doubt influenced by the Illegal mix of Foul Play's "Finest Illusion" All that remains of the SOS Band on Goldie's re-lick is the "Time flies when you're with me" refrain, but it's utterly haunting, like the ghost of a song, the memory of an embrace, the last breath of life.

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