Monday, August 09, 2004

Wanna know why?
Well, I can trace it back to a dream I had about ten years ago. I can remember waking up and knowing exactly what had happened. I was in a youth club, or a village hall- a venue which wasn't actually a real gig. I was standing in front of a PA system. I can remember (in my dream) placing my hand on the speaker grille: feeling it's contours, the spaces between the grille and the cone of the speaker. I can still feel the texture of the plastic covering on the speaker casing, the worn metal corners. I'm fast asleep, deep in dreamland, when the PA comes to life.
It's loud: really loud. I can feel every beat of the song in my bones. And the song? Well, it's "Another Girl, Another Planet" by the Only Ones; but in truth, it could be any one of a hundred thousand songs. The amazing thing for me is that even while I'm fast asleep, I can recall a song like that in absolutely exact detail. Every note, every nuance, every rise and fall of the song is there. I'm asleep, but, for all it matters, I could be awake.
And that's when I knew. If the tunes have gone that far in, then they're going to run my life.
And that's what's happened.
I'm not complaining.

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