Monday, November 24, 2003

Geez. My email addy is now officially spammed out. 1161 in 2 days. To push a WW1 metaphor a little too far, my old address is going to have to stick its neck above the parapet and endure constant shelling, while my ultra-secret new address sits safely in its foxhole, with a glass of fine sherry and some very ripe stilton.
Hah! Bally spammers, let 'em do their worst!
Pop quiz update. First. That's FIRST, people. In both halves of the quiz. Won all the cash for the highest score.....And a bottle of Tuac-ca-ca-ca-ca for highest score in the gossip round. Specialist round this week? Well, we walked in off the street to find out it was Spinal Tap. Never mess with someone who's actually lived it for the best part of a decade. So, in summary, I rule: other people don't- that's our news for tonight, goodnight.

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